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Weekly News Feb 15 - 18

The HIES / Kitchen team would like to check in with you and your family. 
We took a break from our family food hamper program, now we are back.  
If delivery of a bimonthly hamper would help you through these dark days 
of winter, let us know. Call Susan 335-1629 or email

Weekly News Feb 8 -11

*Last call for awesome tea towels!* Please contact Jules at
if you would like to purchase some of our remaining towels. There are a number of community members who would like some, so I'll open sales up to them next week, if we have any left.

HICS Weekly News Jan 25 - 28

The Shelter got an upgrade, the Students completed a painting project to install on the outer walls. Great job! Adds so much life and color to our school field.
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