Weekly News Mar 1-4


 Please see below the calendar, for more detailed information of listed events.   

Mon. Mar 1

Tuesday, Mar 2

Wed. Mar 3

Thurs. Mar 4

Please return Home Learning activities.


TJ here (SLP)


Art Starts virtual performance for K-3


Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) continues for Grades 4 and 7


After School Program - Clay


Hornby Rec – Disc Golf

Please complete daily health check before sending your child to school.

Cross Country Run – whole school (running loop-if our field is dry enough!)


After School Program – Make a Musical Instrument








Please complete daily health check before sending your child to school.


Primary class library book exchange

Sarah here (Teacher librarian)


After School Programs --Japanese Culture

-Basics of Gardening









Please complete daily health check before sending your child to school.


Intermediate class Library book exchange


Biscuits today!


Kevin here (Arts)


Hornby Island Herring Fest on March  4, 5 - 6

see links below








Please complete daily health check before sending your child to school.

Alissa’ s note to families…  

March is here, and with it several upcoming activities and our second Showcase of Learning and summaries of learning for families before Spring Break. Once again, we will need to make our showcase a virtual one, but we’re looking forward to sharing our learning with you as best we can in these COVID times! Understandably, there are increased concerns around the COVID 19 virus and our protocols at school. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. If you do have your child(ren) at home due to symptoms there are many resources at our website https://hornbyisland.comoxvalleyschools.ca/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=1064114&type=d&pREC_ID=1357589 also, we have subscriptions to Reading A-Z and Mathletics that are available to families. We can also print off resources to support you and your child(ren) if needed. Take care everyone!


Chow for Now –Thursdays in March

Forms were sent home yesterday, please send the completed forms in by Mar 2nd.

Biscuits on March 3. Forage will be making and sending over the food, and parent volunteers will help serve on the deck and then clean up afterwards. The form is attached if you would still like to sign up. 

Next Field trip to Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Centre March 15th   Grade 4 – 7 students and STEM Day K-3

The older students will travel to the Outdoor Ed Centre to participate in some of the dynamic activities provided. The bus will take the students over to Tribune Bay at 9:15am and bring them back to the school at 2:45pm. Judi and Lisa will accompany the students. Please be sure to read the COVID 19 protocols from the Outdoor Ed Centre included in the consent package. Forms have already been submitted for this field trip. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to make changes to the consent form for your child.

Students will need to bring warm water-resistant clothing and footwear, please send some extra snacks and a water bottle as well.

Younger students will remain at the school for our third STEM activity day.

Found – Electric Bass guitar

Thank you to the Hornby Island Community for showing up and donating a guitar to our school music program.


Registrations for the 2021-2022 school year are being accepted

Kindergarten and new students to the Hornby Island Community school can begin the registration process starting on February 1st. The process is now all online at https://www.comoxvalleyschools.ca/student-registration/ Please let us know if you need any help or access to a computer to be able to complete the registration process.

Please note that registering as soon as possible is helpful to the planning process for the year to come.




The HIES / Kitchen team is checking in with you.

If delivery of a bimonthly food hamper would help you,

or if you know of a family who would welcome the service

to help through these dark days of winter, let us know.

We are here to help.

Call Susan 250 335-1629 or email:  hieskitchen@gmail.com 


Please model physical distancing during drop off and pick-up times. We also would appreciate the area in front of the bus being clear for us to bring students out safely. It also helps the drivers focus on their very important task.


Herring Fest

It's that time of year again! It won't be long before the seas surrounding Hornby and Denman Islands undergo a spectacular aquamarine transformation and the marine and avian wildlife gather to feast on the annual herring spawn.

Conservancy Hornby Island is excited to announce that tickets are now available for HerringFest 2021! Join us in celebrating Pacific herring through our exciting lineup of virtual events including special live guest performances, a virtual gallery featuring the best of Hornby’s local art scene, thought-provoking Zoom webinars & live Q&A discussions from the leading minds in herring research and conservation, and a Virtual Sea Life Boat Tour featuring famed CBC Mr. Dressup puppets, Casey and Finnegan! 

Link for event info: https://www.conservancyhornbyisland.org/herringfest2021

ISO: ON-Call Administrative Assistant at Hornby Island Elementary

Grade 12 education supplemented by completion of an office administration program certificate; typing speed of 50 wpm; proficient in Microsoft WORD, EXCEL, and relevant Microsoft Office Suite programs; minimum of two years of current clerical experience; experience in the use of relevant office equipment; meets the physical requirements of the position; ability to work independently and as a member of a team; excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Please refer and apply to the posting at http://www.makeafuture.ca/

Employer: School District #71(Comox Valley)

Job code: 2929990

Will be open until filled

Afterschool programs

If you are needing to contact Nina O’Donnell for information about HIES programming, the phone number at Room to Grow is 250-335-1085 and email address is hies.communityschoolcoord@gmail.com

School Closures, Power Outages, Ferry Cancellations

Our procedures for power outages and ferry cancellations that may affect regular operations of our school are as follows: if the power is out before school starts, the Principal/Vice Principal will contact the School District to make a decision on closing the school. If the school is to be closed we will begin the emergency call outs. If the power goes out during the day, we will make a decision based on information we receive about how long we will be without power. We may need to close the school. If this is to happen we will contact parents/guardians/emergency contacts. For this reason, and in the case of other emergencies, it is VERY important we have your verification forms with alternate emergency contacts. If School District #71 is closed due to weather conditions, Hornby School will also be closed unless otherwise stated. Again, the phone tree call out will be in effect and all efforts will be made to ensure call outs happen early in the morning.

If there are power outages we may not get through to your phone line; please be sure to listen to the local radio stations at 97.3 The Eagle and/or 98.9 The Goat, and if you can, check the School District website for notices on school closures at: https://www.comoxvalleyschools.ca/. Usually closures are announced prior to 6:30AM.

Please note: contact information we have on file is provided by parents at the beginning of the school year when you review and sign the student verification form; If there are any changes in contact information throughout the year (i.e. phone, address, etc.) please notify the school as soon as possible so this can be updated in our system.

Pick-ups and Drop-offs 

At this time, only School District #71 staff and students are authorized to be on the deck or in the modulars to help us maintain physical distancing and cleaning requirements. We have set up an area at the front entrance where you are able to pick-up resources or library books arranged in advance, or drop off completed work or books. Please use the sanitizer provided, and be sure to allow for physical distance if there are other people in the line. We are also asking for only preschool and school usage of the playground and field areas during school hours. Thank you for your understanding during this challenging time.

Use of School Facilities – The field and the covered shelter are currently unavailable for Community Use due to COVID 19 restrictions around gatherings. The Multi Mod and the Deck are currently also unavailable for community bookings.

Our Methods of Communication  

Now more than ever, the strength of our communication between home and school is pivotal to learner success. We will stay connected while apart by... 

  • Email Updates from Teachers regarding assignments and activities 
  • Blog Updates
  • Weekly Notice: Sent out by email every Thursday to parents and staff. This is posted on our website at: http://hornbyisland.comoxvalleyschools.ca/Please be sure to check your email every Thursday as important information such as school field trips, meetings, etc. are posted and announced in these notices.   
  • School WebsiteThe website will have the most up to date information and learning tools for familieshttp://hornbyisland.comoxvalleyschools.ca/  

 You can find the Student handbook on our website at: http://hornbyisland.comoxvalleyschools.ca/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=1064112&type=d&pREC_ID=1357585 

Our Community School Learning Hub Model 

Parents, learners, staff, and community are working together to co-create a learning model for Hornby Island Community School that incorporates blended learning with technology and community experiences/mentorships. Please visit our working website, http://hornbyisland.comoxvalleyschools.ca/  for the most recent information.  

You can also contact alissa.pratt@sd71.bc.ca  (Vice Principal) for further information.

Hornby Island Community School – Code of Conduct http://hornbyisland.comoxvalleyschools.ca/apps/pages/index.jspuREC_ID=1064112&type=d&pREC_ID=1357581