Student School/Emergency supply fees for 2020-21

School Supplies:  

Hornby Island Community school purchases materials based on classroom need and student learning plan needs which vary year to year. To cover these costs, we are requesting a pre-determined amount per student for school supplies for the coming year.  


You do not need to send any other supplies with your child other than indoor shoes good for gym and a backpack. 


Preparing for an Emergency:   

We will put together some basic sustenance and safety supplies or each student to have, the cost for these items is $5 per student. We also ask you to prepare a small comfort package for your child to have, you can include the following items:  


  • Letter and photo from home 
  • Notepad/pencil 
  • Small stuffy or toy 


Total school/emergency supply cost: $40.00 for Kindergarten – Grade 3 


Total school/emergency supply cost: $45.00 for Grades 4 – 7