Last week of School News! June 22 - 24, 2020

Please see below the calendar, for more detailed information of listed events. 

It’s been a great and interesting year, we have all learned many things in and out of school 

Monday June 22 

Tues June 23 


Wed June 24 


Thurs June 25 



Join the Nature Wheel Activities! From HIAC   


Always Changing –See Ashley’s awesome Padlet of Resources! 


Get outside! Can  you sketch and label 3 types of plants? 


Onsite Classes  

9am – 3pm 

Reflect on your learning. What are 2 things you can do now that you couldn’t do at the beginning of the year. 


Everyday Learning Activities (activities you can fit into your regular routines – learning is EVERYWHERE!) 


Community Organized Grad Event 6pm Come out to Celebrate pre-school, community school and high school graduates.  



Last day of classes 9am – 12pm 


Early dismissal, pick up and bus departure will be at 12pm 


1pm – 2:30pm Pick ups for students learning from home. Families will have a scheduled time to drop in say hi/bye and pick up any remaining work, personal items and  summaries of learning  




Admin day- No students in session 


Have a safe, happy, healthy, active, exciting, relaxing summer Everyone.  


So far the plan is to see you all on September 8th for the 2020-21 school year. We will send updates as we get them! 



Last day of school – Wednesday June 24th Early dismissal at 12pm 

For students who will be attending classes make sure to bring all personal items home and check the lost and found as well.  

Students who have been learning from home will be given a time to come by the school to pick up any personal belongings and their summaries of learning, it would also be great to have a little distanced visit in person to complete the yearWe will have a table setup by the back stairs with lost and found items. Please call or e-mail Charmaine to choose a timeslot that works for your family.   

1:00 - 1:30 

1:30 - 2:00 

2:00 – 2:30 


Hornby Staff for the coming year: 

Alissa Vernon Pratt 

Vice-Principal (Mon/Fri)/Blended Learning Support Teacher (Tues)/Classroom Teacher (Wed/Thurs) 

Judi Ayers 

Classroom Teacher/Blended Learning Support 

Sandra Rutherford 

Classroom Teacher (Mon/Tues) 

Kevin Flesher 

Fine Arts (Drama, Music, Visual Arts, Dance) - Thursdays 

Sarah Coull 

Teacher Librarian (every 2nd week - Wednesdays) 

Krista Manson 

Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) - schedule varies 

Andrea Flesher 

Learning Support Teacher (LST) - schedule varies 

Lisa Hamilton 

Educational Assistant (EA), Break Time Supervisor (Mon-Thurs) 

Florette MacLean 

Clerk-Librarian, Break Time Supervisor, First Aid Attendant (Mon-Thurs) 

Charmaine Logan 

Sr. Administrative Assistant, Supervisor, First Aid Attendant (Mon-Thurs) 

Bridget Mawhinney 

Counselor (every 2nd week) 

Mary Savoie 

Sr. Custodian (Mon-Thurs) 

Jala Klone 

Custodian on Call 

Doug Race 

Bus Driver 


Employment Opportunities on Hornby  

  • Custodian on call for the Hornby School 

If you or someone you might know be interested in this position please find more information and apply through the SD71 Employment page   

  • Bus Driver for the Hornby Route If you or someone you might know be interested in this position please find more information go to and apply for a driving position with the Courtenay location. 

SEED Tea Towel Fundraiser – PAC – Sow Many Seeds!! 

It’s going to be a great tea towel with so many great seedy characters. 

Big thank you to Jules for organizing!  


Lost and Found 

Please watch your e-mail for some pictures of the items in the lost and found to see if there is anything that belongs to your child. Anything left at the end of the year will be donated.  


Pick-ups and Drop-offs 

At this time, only School District #71 staff and students are authorized to be on the deck or in the modulars to help us maintain physical distancing and cleaning requirements. We have set up an area at the front entrance where you are able to pick-up resources or library books arranged in advance, or drop off completed work or books. Please use the sanitizer provided, and be sure to allow for physical distance if there are other people in the line. There are cones provided to ensure the proper space. Thank you for your understanding. 


Hornby Library/Learning Commons  

Do you have overdue library books??? They need to come back to school. 

Books you have finished reading can be put in the return bin at the school on Tuesday's or Wednesdays. We are into our last week of lending books. Please start collecting any you may have at home to return to the school. 


Use of School Facilities – Suspended at this time (no public access available at Hornby Island Community School at this time) 

New School Design! Check out the latest school design out at Rebuilding the School link on our website - we will continue to send updates as they are available. Come by to check out the construction so far! 


Our Community School Learning Hub Model 

Parents, learners, staff, and community are working together to co-create a learning model for Hornby Island Community School that incorporates blended learning with technology and community experiences/mentorships. Please visit our working website,  for the most recent information.  

You can also contact  (Vice Principal) for further information. 


Hornby Island Community School – Code of Conduct