Weekly News May 25 - 28

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Bring forth MAY FLOWERS! click this link to See the Flower Collage slide show


Monday May 25

Tues May 26


Wed May 27


Thurs May 28

Check in with your teacher (email or ePortfolio to say “Hi! And what you are working on at home this week).


Math Lessons for all ages! The Math Learning Center


Check out MathAntics – great videos focused on a variety of math concepts



Flower Challenge Part 4!

Bouquets or Wildflowers


Take a picture and send it through to  Charmaine – she will put them together into a slideshow to share with everyone!




Check your assignments in the learning portal from your teacher. Post to your ePortfolio (if you need help let us know!)


New Learning Package from Learn71 – check out all of the great ideas!


Do you need any other materials? Please let us know!


Need some Tech Support? Visit the Tech Department here



Make sure you’ve posted a couple of things to your ePortfolio to share with your teacher. Check the assignments area of the learning portal to make sure everything is finished up for this week.


Learning Links from our Website


Always Changing –See Ashley’s awesome Padlet of Resources!


Alissa’ s note to families…

Hi Everyone!

Thank you to all who have completed a survey about their plans whether to return to school. I will be contacting those families I haven’t heard from. If you need the link, here it is: survey about returning to school, (it will be open a few more days). There will be some flexibility in parents changing the answer later, but we need a student list for June 1st to begin our planning.  If you have questions/comments/concerns please let me know. alissa.pratt@sd71.bc.ca 

Pick-ups and Drop-offs

At this time, only staff and students are authorized to be on the deck or in the modulars. We have set up an area at the front entrance where you are able to pick-up resources or library books arranged in advance, or drop off completed work or books. Please use the sanitizer provided, and be sure to allow for physical distance if there are other people in the line. There are cones provided to ensure the proper space. Thank you for your understanding.

Hornby Raven t-shirts are available for pick-up

The t-shirts turned out great, and many are already being worn by students. The next pick up times are between 10am and 2pm on Monday and Thursday, and 12:30 to 2pm on Tues and Wednesday.

Big thank you to the PAC for helping the school to give away some awesome Raven T-shirts.

Hornby Library/Learning Commons

Do you have overdue library books???

Happy days..we are now ready to receive library books again!

Books you have finished reading can be put in the return bin at the school on Tuesday's or Wednesdays.

...also, don't forget to order online or email Florette or your teacher about getting some new reading materials.

“How to check out a book” is a handy document to walk you through the process online, attached and it is also available on the website. Please follow the instructions, and contact a teacher if you are in need of assistance. The system is new, and therefore may have some challenges, as well as be a bit slow at the beginning. Please be patient and let us know if you experience any challenges.

Learning Resource pick ups

Teachers will continue to collect requests for printed workbooks etc. And the printing and pick-ups will be happening on an ongoing basis. Please get requests into teachers and once the items are printed, we will arrange pick up times.

Internet for Good is a partnership between TELUS, the BC Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction that provides eligible families with the tools and connectivity they need to succeed. This means affordable internet and access to an affordable computer. More details and how to apply: https://www.telus.com/en/about/company-overview/community-investment/how-we-give/cause-campaigns/internet-for-good


SD71 is working on the website http://learn71.ca/ with many tools and links to help with learning at home.

Hornby School Mission/Vision Values Review

Please take some time to reflect on and offer your feedback on the HICS guiding principles. I sent the forms in a separate e-mail last week, now is a good time to do think about the longterm goals of the Hornby Island Community School then work on the paperwork at home.

Use of School Facilities – Suspended at this time (no public access available at Hornby Island Community School at this time)

Our Methods of Communication

Now more than ever, the strength of our communication between home and school is pivotal to learner success. We will stay connected while apart by...

  • Email Updates from Teachers regarding assignments and activities
  • Blog Updates
  • Weekly Notice: Sent out by email every Thursday to parents and staff. This is posted on our website at: http://hornbyisland.comoxvalleyschools.ca/ Please be sure to check your email every Thursday as important information such as school field trips, meetings, etc. are posted and announced in these notices.
  • School Website: The website will have the most up to date information and learning tools for families http://hornbyisland.comoxvalleyschools.ca/

 You can find the Student handbook on our website at: http://hornbyisland.comoxvalleyschools.ca/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=1064112&type=d&pREC_ID=1357585

New School Design! Check out the latest school design out at Rebuilding the School link on our website https://hornbyisland.comoxvalleyschools.ca/ - we will continue to send updates as they are available.

Our Community School Learning Hub Model

Parents, learners, staff, and community are working together to co-create a learning model for Hornby Island Community School that incorporates blended learning with technology and community experiences/mentorships. Please visit our working website, http://hornbyisland.comoxvalleyschools.ca/  for the most recent information.

You can also contact alissa.pratt@sd71.bc.ca  (Vice Principal) for further information.

Hornby Island Community School – Code of Conduct http://hornbyisland.comoxvalleyschools.ca/apps/pages/index.jspuREC_ID=1064112&type=d&pREC_ID=1357581



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