Spring Break News!

Spring Break: Hornby Island Community School will be closed for Spring Break starting March 13th and will re-open Monday, March 30th  Any important updates throughout the break can be found on the Hornby Island School Website: https://hornbyisland.comoxvalleyschools.ca/or School District 71 website: https://www.comoxvalleyschools.ca/

For urgent inquiries please email Alissa at alissa.pratt@sd71.bc.ca

There is no school use over Spring Break (holidays). 

PAC Meeting - Wednesday, April 1st

7:00 pm in the Library   -    Childcare is available in the Multi-Mod

Parent Advisory Committee is for all Parents of Hornby Island Community School Students, everyone is welcome to the meetings. The PAC does an excellent job of enhancing the learning opportunities for our students.  

There will be a bouncy castle there for parents only (April Fool’s : )

New School Design! Check out the latest school design out at Rebuilding the School link on our website https://hornbyisland.comoxvalleyschools.ca/  - please note the designs are ever changing based on feedback from the design committee and we will keep them as current as possible.

Hornby School Mission/Vision Values Review

Please take some time to reflect on and offer your feedback on the HICS guiding principles. The forms are also available on the website. https://hornbyisland.comoxvalleyschools.ca/apps/news/article/809317

Please see the letter and guidelines sent via e-mail from SD71 regarding the COVID – 19 Novel Coronavirus https://hornbyisland.comoxvalleyschools.ca/apps/spotlightmessages/4408

HIES Afterschool Programs

After School Program - SPRING 2020


Age group: Grades 3 - 7

Day: Mondays, April 6th and 20th

Time: 3pm – 4:30pm

Cost: 15$ - 25$ Sliding scale

Location: Multi Purpose Room or Room to Grow (depending on size requirements)

Mentors: Alexandra

Assistants: Kim and Cheryl

Participants will create both a lantern and a multi media art piece for the Blues Festival Art Show April 25th.


Age group: Grades 3 - 7

Day: Thursdays, April 9th, 16th & 23rd

Time: 3pm – 4:15pm

Cost: 30$ - 40$ Sliding scale

Location: Room to Grow

Mentors: Kim June Johnson

Assistants: Kim and Cheryl

Yoga is a great way to ease out of the school day. This gentle yoga class will begin with a sharing circle and a little aromatherapy and move into a series of simple poses, some fun yoga games, intention breathing, Nidra (deep relaxation) and a short inquiry into a journaling class.

Improv Theatre

Age group: Grade 3 -7

Day: Tuesdays April 14th, 21st & May 4th, 11th

Time: 3pm – 4:30pm

Cost: 30$ – 40$ Sliding Scale

Location: Multi Purpose Room, Hornby School

Mentors: Anthea Morritt and Max William

Assistances: Cheryl and Kim

Improv is a fun way to blow off steam and cultivate creativity! These workshops will explore different key elements of improvisation through a variety of games and activities. Participants will practice making offers, working as a team, and creating fun and original characters. 

Adventure Days and Crafts

Age group: K, 1 & 2

Day: Wednesdays April 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th

Time: 3 – 4:30pm

Cost: 40$ - 50$ Sliding Scale

Location: Multi Purpose Room and school field

Mentors: Cheryl and Kim

Adventure days will be full of fun, learning, crafts and seasonal exploration. Please send child with outdoor clothing and water bottles.

Bike Safety and Repair

Age group: All Welcome

Day: Thursday April 30th and/or Monday May 25th

Time: 3pm – 4:30pm

Cost: 105$ - 15$ per class - Sliding Scale

Location: School Field

Mentor: Bob Mills, Rob White and Doug Chinnery

Assistances: Cheryl and Kim

Participants will learn basic bicycle maintenance and repair. They will also sharpen riding skills by riding through a safety training circuit, with assistance from our local Fire Department.

Please bring your bicycle, helmet and water bottle. 

Subsidies available on request 

Food donated by the Hornby Island Co-op


The radio program was such a success. I hope parents heard their child on the radio.

I am happy to facilitate a weekly kids radio show. The best day for a show would be Friday.

If your child is interested in having their own show, please contact me.

Kim – hies.childyouth@gmail.com

Babysitting Course
*Update – I have 3 kids that are interested so far*

I talked to the kids in the 3 to 7 class and many of them were interested in taking a babysitting course.

I called the Red Cross and they would be willing to send someone over for the day.
The course would be six hours (9 am to 3pm). The cost to bring someone over is approximately 300$. Ages 11 (or almost) - 15
This would be split between participants.
The more kids that take the course the cheaper it will be for parents.
I can imagine that it would take place on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Please email Kim -
hies.childyouth@gmail.com if your child is interested in taking the Baby Sitting Course.

Community Events

Food Growing Success

Tips & Tricks to Get the Best Production

Using Greenhouse & Direct Seeding vs. Transplants

Sunday, March 15th  @ 1:30
Room To Grow
By Donation 

Arzeena Hamir, organic farmer, agronomist,

food security activist,

politician, mom and owner of Amara Farm. 

Sponsored by HIES ~ Life Long Learning

Use of School Facilities – process for bookings

The Multi Modular, as well as our deck space and school field is available for bookings for activities or events. In order to ensure requirements for safety and security are met, we ask for bookings to occur at least 2 weeks prior to the start date. Please note that any bookings giving less than 3 days notice risk not being processed in time for the booking to take place.  Please visit the webpage http://hornbyisland.comoxvalleyschools.ca/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=1064112&type=d&pREC_ID=1357587 for Community use of School application, and other relevant information related to school bookings.

Our Community School Learning Hub Model

Parents, learners, staff, and community are working together to co-create a learning model for Hornby Island Community School that incorporates blended learning with technology and community experiences/mentorships. Please visit our working website, http://hornbyisland.comoxvalleyschools.ca/  for the most recent information.

You can also contact alissa.pratt@sd71.bc.ca  (Vice Principal) for further information.

Hornby Island Community School – Code of Conduct http://hornbyisland.comoxvalleyschools.ca/apps/pages/index.jspuREC_ID=1064112&type=d&pREC_ID=1357581

Our Methods of Communication

At Hornby Island Community School, we know that communication between school and home is of great importance to a child’s success at school. School teachers and other school staff share infor­mation frequently through the following pathways:

      Monthly Calendar of Events: A hard copy is sent home with each student.  All events are also posted on our website homepage http://hornbyisland.comoxvalleyschools.ca/

      Weekly Notice: Sent out by email every Thursday to parents and staff. This is posted on our website at: http://hornbyisland.comoxvalleyschools.ca/ Please be sure to check your email every Thursday as important information such as school field trips, meetings, etc. are posted and announced in these notices. 

Our methods of communication are in the Hornby Island Community School Handbook: You can find the handbook on our website at: http://hornbyisland.comoxvalleyschools.ca/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=1064112&type=d&pREC_ID=1357585

Student Safety

School and community work together to ensure the safety and attendance of all students. Please take note of the following guidelines.

Allergy & Health Alerts

Peanut Allergy: A reminder that our school is a peanut-free area. We have a student at our school with a severe peanut allergy and we request you do not send any food containing peanuts in your child(ren)’s lunches. Tree nuts are okay, you can replace peanut butter with other nut butters. We thank you for your cooperation to help ensure Hornby School is a safe learning environment for all.

Food Information:

Please do not send sandwiches/food products containing peanut butter to school

Please do not send “may contain” peanut food items with any student (peanut allergy is anaphylactic/life threatening)

Please CLEARLY LABEL the package of your child’s sandwich/container if it has “Wow Butter” or “Sun Butter” or another substitute in it (adult supervisors and student class helpers need to be able to see this clearly at a glance because they look like a peanut butter sandwich and sometimes the kids don’t know if it is or not)

Please be aware we also have allergies/sensitivities to shellfish, kiwi, and apple; these items are ok to send to school this allergy is a sensitivity and not life threatening 

Asthma: We have a child with serious flu/cold triggered asthma at our school. Catching a cold or flu may trigger serious asthmatic symptoms in this student causing a possible emergency with both short and long-term health consequences. Please keep your child at home to rest and recover if she/he is experiencing fever, coughing, sneezing, etc. that may impact this student and others.

Scent Free:  We have learners and staff sensitive to scents. For the comfort of all, including those with allergies to scent, our school is scent free. Please refrain from wearing perfumes and oils in our school building.  


Please inform the classroom teacher, then check in with the office when taking your child out of school during the day for appointments to ensure our attendance is correct in case of emergency.

Late Arrivals

If your child arrives after school has started, please check in at the office before going to the classroom to ensure our attendance is correct in case of emergency. Arriving on time also helps to minimize disruptions to our learning environment.  


We encourage learners to travel by bike to school as we believe it is an environmentally preferable method of travel and terrific exercise! All learners bringing bikes, skateboards, scooters, etc. are required to wear helmets while on school property during school hours (including half an hour before start time and half an hour after end time).

Learners are not permitted to use their bikes etc. during the school day without permission from school staff and parents. Use depends on the level of supervision available and the type of activity requested.

Plans with Friends

If plans are made for visits after school, please ensure we have a note indicating where a child should go and who with.

The school needs permission from a parent to release a child into the care of another adult. Arrangements should be made prior to the end of the school day and be in the form of written permission.

Students Leaving School Grounds

Without written permission from a parent or guardian, we are unable to grant students permission to leave school grounds as they are assumed in our care between the start and end times of our day


Riding the bus is a privilege. It is expected that students will be respectful of the rights of others and property of others when waiting at their bus stops and while riding the bus. Children who do not demonstrate responsible behavior may have their busing privileges removed. Our school Code of Conduct, as well as bus rules are expected to be followed during time on the bus.

It is important for student safety that all bus stop arrangements for pick up and drop off are communicated to the school and bus driver at the beginning of the school year. Children who are unsure of where to go will be returned to the school.

Young children should be escorted to their bus stop. If you do not intend to accompany your young child to or pick him or her up from the bus stop, or if there are any changes in your child’s bussing routine please inform the bus driver and the school’s office.

Bus supervisors (staff) and bus drivers cannot allow students to get off at an unregistered stop that is not approved by parent/guardian.

If your child is not taking the bus or is getting off at another stop please:

         call the school prior to 2:30PM or email Alissa at alissa.pratt@sd71.bc.ca

         or put a note on the bus board outside the office window.

         the earlier we have notice the better.

If there is a permanent change of address, change of bus stop, or your child is registered as occasional and will be taking the bus daily, etc. you will need to complete a new bus registration form and submit it to the school office.

School Closures, Power Outages, Ferry Cancellations

Our procedures for power outages and ferry cancellations that may affect regular operations of our school are as follows: if the power is out before school starts, the Principal/Vice Principal will contact the School District to make a decision on closing the school. If the school is to be closed we will begin the emergency phone tree call outs. If the power goes out during the day, we will make a decision based on information we receive about how long we will be without power. We may need to close the school. If this is to happen we will contact parents/guardians/emergency contacts. For this reason, and in the case of other emergencies, it is VERY important we have your verification forms with alternate emergency contacts. If School District #71 is closed due to weather conditions, Hornby School will also be closed unless otherwise stated. Again, the phone tree call out will be in effect and all efforts will be made to ensure call outs happen early in the morning. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments you may have.

If there are power outages we may not get through to your phone line; please be sure to listen to the local radio stations at 97.3 The Eagle and/or 98.9 The Goat, and if you can, check the School District website for notices on school closures at: https://www.comoxvalleyschools.ca/ . Usually closures are announced prior to 6:30AM.

Please note: contact information we have on file is provided by parents at the beginning of the school year when you review and sign the student verification form; If there are any changes in contact information  (i.e. phone, address, etc.) please notify the school as soon as possible so this can be updated in our system.

Head Lice 

To help prevent the spread of head lice among children at school, we ask that you check your child’s head each week for the presence of head lice. The wet-combing technique is now recognized as the best method for detecting lice and their nits. If you detect head lice on your child, we ask that you treat for the lice immediately and notify the school so we can send a notice to other families to check their children. We will keep the information confidential.

Head lice are a nuisance, they do not carry disease and are not a health risk. For this reason, the school does not provide checks, nor will we isolate or stop children from attending school if they do have lice. Early detection and appropriate treatment will significantly limit the spread of head lice. We would appreciate each family taking the time to check heads regularly. Checking other members of the family is also a good idea. More information is available at https://www.healthlinkbc.ca/healthfiles/hfile06.stm  or from the public health nurse at 250-331-8520. We also have parents and staff that are willing to help you if needed.  Thank you for helping to prevent head lice from becoming a problem. Your cooperation is very much appreciated!

Snacks and Lunches

We are often asked if learners can bring “sweet treats” to school. Families have different approaches to nutrition and food. As we are a school environment, we ask that families send food items to support healthy living and learning. Occasionally, we will have treats at school as part of celebrations or activities. Similarly, if you would like to send something as part of a family celebration (birthday etc.) or other event please contact us ahead of time to make arrangements as we have several students with food allergies/sensitivities. 

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us maintain a safe and secure environment for our students, staff and visitors. Please direct any questions to the front office.